Contact a professional building consultant for an inspection or advise if you are

  • Building, extending or renovating.
  • Obtaining dilapidation report where possible damage related to the new building works may occur.
  • General building advice regarding a proposed commercial or residential project.
  • When you’re having difficulties and disagreements during the construction or finishing process.
  • Require assistance with progress payment, variations and if there are progress payment disagreement.
  • Assistance to clarify building requirements in relation to building code of australia, & australian standards.
  • Strata or company property building defects or rectification or maintenance works program.
  • General building and specialist issues.
  • Sinking fund issues
  • Insurance assessments, general and Home owners Warranty issues
  • Professional building consultants may also be used in many other areas within the building industry such as:
  • Insurance assessments;
  • Safety inspections and audits
  • Ensuring compliance with requirements regarding access to buildings, fire, energy efficient housing, planning and specification developments and council and development applications.
  • Asbestos audit.
  • Expert witness.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Dilapidation
  • Strata condition report.
  • Sinking fund forecast’s


With qualifications and expertise in broad areas within the building and strata industries who also collaborate with other consultants when their specialty is required, SCBC are uniquely placed to provide a cost effect and timely service.


Prevent & Resolve Disputes


Southern Cross Building Consultants specialises at providing evidence and advice for building and constructions projects, which is designed to be used as evidence in the courts. We then back that up by appearing in court to provide oral evidence where required. This gives our clients the facts, from an independent source, allowing them to either settle a dispute, or argue in the courts from a position of strength.

100% Client Focused


Our professional, friendly and helpful team have a longstanding track record of providing solutions and answers to help resolve your building issues.

Trusted Experts


Our 2nd generation family business gives you the expertise and advice you can trust.
With over 50 years of experience in the industry you can trust our knowledge and reputation.

SCBC building consultants are professionals who can carry out the multitude of building inspections, expert witness and insurance assessments, design and remedial works, strata maintenance schedules and pre purchase strata reports.
ata reports.


Attendance at a tribunal mediation as a expert witness for building matters.


Strata Defect Report


A list of serious issues which the original contractor should fix before the statutory insurance expires.

Maintenance Report


Strata scheme inspections and report on the compliance of a strata scheme with the N.S.W strata regulations.

Final Report


We provide a list of things the contractors adn builder should fix prior to the final payment.

Strata Compliance


An itemised report on the issues on a strata development which should be fixed prior to the statutory Insurance expires.

Commercial Property Report / Due Diligence Report


We report major issues, including maintenance, fire safety and functional problems.

Court and Tribunal Attendance


We provide expert evidence or assistance to you or your legal team.

LeaseCheck Report


A list and photographic record of the condition of the property prior to commencement of your lease.

Dilapidation Report


We provide a detailed photographic and video record with a report of the condition of exisitng infrastructre prior to construction.

Home Owner Warranty Report


A Report on the quality of the work done by an owner-builder or where a builder has no home building

Technical Report


A Report in a form suitable for use in a Court or Tribunal, including a Scotts Schedule

Property Report


Advice on any major issues and investigations you need to know about the property before you purchase


Some of the many projects that we have worked on in the past